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MINI Convection ovens

HTB mini oven is a compact and small yet powerful and robust oven. Its own design, sturdiness and the way of setting and programming of the control panel proves that the oven is a piece of professional baking equipment comparable to bigger and more expensive products available on the market.

This line is equipped with step baking, variable speed control and reversible spining of the fan, which gives even baking results on all trays. The quality of the baking is allso asshured by strong heaters and high density of oven insulation. This two caracteristics are necesary to asshure stedy temperatre after loading of the oven aswell as for even development.of the product.

The group of the new MINI baking-confectionary convection ovens consists of two sizes labelled HTB-60 (for trays 60×40 cm) and  smallest versions in our range HTB-40  (for trays 40×40 cm), with two or three-tray capacity.

HTB mini SMART control



Combination examples

  • HOOD mini

    HTB 60

    Neutral rack with water tank


  • HOOD mini

    HTB 60
    HTB 60

    Neutral rack with water tank

  • HOOD mini

    HTB 40

    Neutral rack with water tank


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HTB mini-40

HTB mini-60
Tray capacity
3x (40×40) cm 3x (60×40) cm
Distance between trays
85 mm 85 mm
W=730, D=720, H=460 mm W=930, D=720, H=460 mm
55 kg 65 kg
Temperature: max
260°C 260°C
Connection power
3,7 kW 3,7kW (mono phase) or 5,1 kW (three phase)