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For many years I had a wish of having my own bakery, which came true together with buying Fines bakery ovens. In a wide variety of products I decided to bake on deck ovens together with the new HTB convection oven. End result is crunchy bread and hypnotic morning smell from my bakery. My bread and Fines ovens have become the ”new thing” in our village and surroundings.

BLAŽ STRMOLE. Blaževa pekarna

For a while we have been searching for pizza oven, that by taste and look would, come as close as possible to traditional stone oven. We also have delivery of pizzas, so the baking is very frequent. Pizza oven is working 12 hours or more per day and so far it hasn’t let us down. Pizza bread has a nice crunch and our toppings give pizza the final touch which makes our pizzas best in town.


I have been cooking since I was a little boy and therefore I know very well how important it is to have well trained personnel in the kitchen, best ingredients and top of the line equipement. Without this it is nearly impossible to follow culinary trends and expectations of our guests. Fines combi steamer Pro-cook is a wonderful tool which we use for preparing different kinds of meat, fish and all sorts of vegetables. Pro-cook besides baking offers us long time for cooking of meat on low temperatures so called ”sous-vide”.

With reliable machines the cooks can shorten the working process as well as making it cheaper and less stressful for work staff in the kitchen.